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Newest Kalashnikov Vodka is on the market now. AK-47 Vodka brand hit the shops on the eve of the Victory Day (May 9th, 2005).


I received a package today. The 2 bottles look great, You did a great job on packing the insides of the boxs.
I received my other package today. You did a great job in packaging them. I was very pleased with all the bottles and the way you handled the sale. I hope to do business with you in the near future.

It is hard to find some one that will take the time to do a job right. It seems like now days no one takes pride in what they do. I am glad to see that you do. I will highly recomend you on your item you sale, and fine job you have done on the packing, and shipping.
Thank you so much , Its been a long time trying to find these bottles. Thanks again.

Greg H. (USA)
May 16, 2005

Kalashnikov vodka, Black label  
Kalashnikov vodka, Black picture label  
Kalashnikov vodka, 80 anniversary edition  
Kalashnikov vodka, 85 anniversary edition  
Izhevskian gunsmith vodka  
AK-47 vodka  
Kalashnikov vodka silver label  
Kalashnikov vodka | AK-47 Vodka  

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