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Newest Kalashnikov Vodka is on the market now. AK-47 Vodka brand hit the shops on the eve of the Victory Day (May 9th, 2005).
  The Kalashnikov Weapons Museum Illustrated Virtual Guided Tour is released in April 2005.      
  • The Kalashnikov Weapons Museum was opened in 2004
  • It was a gift for Mikhail Kalashnikov's 85th birthday .
  • The budget of the project exceeded US$8,000,000.
  • This is the very first guide on the subject
  • No other catalogue of the museum's collection is available.
  • 327 high-resolution images (1000 x 1333 pixel), zoom-enabled for closer inspection
  • It's virtually like you've been there.
  • By clicking on the sequential images, you're effectively "moving" through the exhibition.

    "'s like having immortality" - Kalashnikov has said about yet another unbelievable birthday gift he recieved on his 85th. All this and more - in "The Kalashnikov Weapons Museum Illustrated Virtual Guided Tour".

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