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Newest Kalashnikov Vodka is on the market now. AK-47 Vodka brand hit the shops on the eve of the Victory Day (May 9th, 2005).
AK-47 vodka
AK-47 vodka
Kalashnikov vodka silver label
Kalashnikov vodka:
Silver label
Kalashnikov vodka, Black label
Kalashnikov vodka:
Black label
Kalashnikov vodka, Green picture label
Kalashnikov vodka:
Green picture label
Izhevskian gunsmith vodka
Gunsmith vodka
(aka Saiga-12 Vodka)
Kalashnikov vodka black picture
Kalashnikov vodka:
Black picture
Kalashnikov vodka, 80 anniversary edition
Kalashnikov vodka:
80 anniversary edition
Kalashnikov vodka, 85 anniversary edition
Kalashnikov vodka:
85 anniversary edition

We offer bottles of Kalashnikov Vodka produced by "Liquor and Vodka Distillery "Glazovsky" (Glazovsky distillery OJSC) in Glazov, Udmurt Republic, Russian Federation.

Please take time to read their legal notice.

September 2004.
To whom it may concern.

The Juridical Department of Open Joint Stock Company (OJSC) "Liquor and Vodka Distillery "Glazovsky" (Glazovsky distillery OJSC) in Glazov, Udmurt Republic, Russian Federation, - hereby declares and confirms:
a) That Glazovsky distillery OJSC works under control and protection of the Government of Udmurt Republic, Russian Federation. The distillery was founded in 1900 and still keeps and develops the traditions of alcohol manufacture.
b) That Glazovsky distillery is original legal producer of original Russian vodka, named after Mikhail T. Kalashnikov - world-known Russian inventor of AK rifles (AK-series).
- The exclusive rights to produce, bottle, distribute and sale vodka Kalashnikov is based on commercial agreements with M. Kalashnikov. The last agreement was signed by both Parties in 1998 and is valid for the period of 30 years.
- Vodka Kalashnikov is national product and the name is closely connected to the identity of the State of origin (Russia).
c) That grain Lux-category Kalashnikov vodka as all the other kinds produced by Glazovsky distillery has State Sertificate for production. This vodka has been produced in big quantities in Glazov, distributed and sold since 1995 and exported since 1997 to different countries.
- Beverages produced by Glazovsky distillery are bottled to different forms of glass. There is a world-wide agreement to distribute and sale original Russian vodka in special bottle looking as Kalashnikov rifle that has been transferred to International Company VRQ.
d) That Glazovsky distillery in Glazov holds patents, designes, logos and registered trade marks for vodka Kalashnikov (the Property).
- International trade mark was registered by World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in 19 countries.
e) That Glazovsky distillery OJSC ownes and controls exclusive rights to license for commercial purposes the Property with mark Kalashnikov.
- No third party may use the Property without authorization from the undersigned and the Glazovsky distillery OJSC.
Place: Glazov city, Udmurt Republic, Russian Federation.
Juridical department.

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